Happy Client Cleaning Service, LLC

202 Bonnavue Drive. Hermitage TN 37076, Fax: (615) 874-1367, Cell: (615) 415-9846

Cleaning Services: Nashville, TN

Our clients generally manage heavy clutter, dishes and laundry—we take care of the rest!

At Happy Client, we are committed to cleaning your house from left to right, top to bottom, & in the middle. So we don't miss anything, we follow a house cleaning check list.



We wipe down countertops and cabinets, scrub sinks and stovetops, clean fronts of appliances, shine fixtures and vacuum and mop the floor.


Before mopping, we vacuum all floors, including carpets and rugs, with a handheld vacuum instead of less-than-thorough sweeping. Our handheld vacuum is distinctly made for hardwoods, tile and laminates.


We scrub sinks, countertops, toilets, bathtubs, shower and tile walls. We shine all fixtures, clean mirrors and vacuum and mop floors. We use cleaners to remove hard water stains and mildew as needed.


If it’s got a surface, we’ll dust it! We use an extension duster for baseboards, fans, light fixtures, ceilings and blinds. We dust lamps, frames, furniture and knickknacks by hand.


Straightening includes putting up shoes and toys, stacking mail, folding blankets on sofas, arranging pillows and other general tidying up.

Trash receptacles

We collect and emptying household trash cans and replace liners.

Laundry room

We dust and wipe appliances and vacuum and mop the floor.


We shine all entry and interior glass doors, wipe down light switches and address any other smudges or fingerprints. Linens can be changed upon request.